Week 2 - Before Your Bump

Week 2 - Before Your Bump

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Week 2 - Before Your Bump
  • Posture #1

    Episode 1

    This Posture Workout is 12 min. You'll need the following exercise equipment;

    - Resistance Band
    - Light Dumbbells
    - Mat

    Have a great workout!

  • TTC/MOM Choreographed Strength Workout 13

    Episode 2

    This Core Focused Choreographed Strength Workout is 29 minutes. You will need the following equipment;

    -Hand Towel
    -Light Dumbbells
    -Medium Dumbbels

    Enjoy your workout!

  • TTC Barre with Laurie

    Episode 3

    This intermediate/advanced Barre inspired workout is 33 minutes and will require the following equipment:

    -Hip Circle Band
    -Light Dumbbells
    -Optional Chair/Wall

    Have a great workout!

  • Meal Plan Week 02

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  • Core workout #4

    Episode 4

    This is your TTC MOM Core and pelvic floor workout with coach Larissa!
    You will need the following:
    Inflated Ball
    Workout mat
    Workout Bench or Chair

    Have fun!