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Watch this video and more on Move Your Bump

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Core Strength & Cardio Workout 07

Show & Go Strength + Cardio • 2m 43s

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  • Strength & Cardio Workout 08

    Directions: Using medium-heavy dumbbells complete the following circuit 4-5 times. If you have time for 5, please do 5.

    MIN 1: 200 Meter Run (finish early? Just rest for remainder time)
    MIN 2: Pushup to Deadlift
    MIN 3: Deficit Lunge Step Up (alternating)
    MIN 4: Split Squats (30 sec on each s...

  • Strength & Cardio 09

    This Strength & Cardio Workout is 20 minutes and requires the following equipment:

    -Medium Dumbells

    Complete 5 rounds of the following;
    Side Lunge to Upright Row x 16 (8/8)
    Curtsey Lunge to Bicep Curl x 16 (8/8)
    Box Straddle Hops x 16 (8/8)
    Hip Thrust x 16
    Side Lying Hip Raise...

  • New! Strength & Cardio (Upper Body Fo...

    This Strength & Cardio workout is 40 minutes using the following equipment:

    -Medium to Heavy Dumbbells

    Workout:'Complete 3 rounds
    DB's 6 ways x 10
    Tricep Extensions x 10
    Tricep Dips x amrap
    1 min Tricep burpees
    1 min inchworm
    Comeplet 3 rounds:
    Hip Hinge BD Low Rows x 10
    Bicep Curl ...