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  • Bump Camp Workout 1

    This workout is 26 minutes and mixes strength intervals in with running/cardio intervals.

    If you can not run, jog or power walk you can sub it out with our floor cardio option demo'ed in this workout.

    We recommend the following equipment for this workout:

    - Medium Dumbbells
    - Bench (or s...

  • Lower Body Focus + Core Circuit Workout 1

    This Lower Body Focus + Core Workout is 31 minutes using the following equipment:

    - One Light to Medium Dumbbell
    - Mat

    Have a great workout!

  • Choreographed Strength Workout (Intermediate/Advanced) 05

    This All Trimester Strength Workout is 26 minutes. You will need the following equipment;

    -Light Dumbbells
    -Medium Dumbbells

    Enjoy your workout!

  • Treadmill Labor Training Cardio Workout 2

    This All Trimester Labor Training Treadmill Workout is 29 minutes. Enjoy your workout!

  • New! Strength Choreo Workout 20

    This Strength Choreographed Workout is 28 minutes. You will need the following;

    - Long Resistance Band
    - Mat

    Enjoy your workout!