Labor Prep

Labor Prep

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Labor Prep
  • Labor Prep 1

    This Labor Prep video is 15 minutes with Coach Jesse. You will need a Big Stability Ball.

  • Labor Prep 2

    This Labor Prep Video is 18 minutes with Coach Jesse. You will need the following equipment;

    - Stack of Pillows
    - Yoga Block

    Enjoy your workout!

  • Labor Prep #3 C-section Focus

    This is a 16 min labor prep flow with Coach Jesse. This is geared towards mamas that know they are having planned c-section. This is also great for vaginal labor prep as well.
    You will need 2 yoga blocks! Have fun!

  • Labor Prep 4 Breath Work & Pelvic Floor Release

    HI Mama! This is your Labor Prep Breath Work and Pelvic Floor release video with coach Jesse!
    These are exercises that you can choose from to use 2-4 times per week as you prep for your labor. These are also great for anyone with a hypertonic pelvic floor and needs more relaxation and tension re...

  • Free Labor & Birth Prep Course

    19 MB