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Getting Started (4TM)

Getting Started (4TM)

Welcome to the 4TM section! This is a series of videos, including a basic introduction of postpartum core connection, pelvic floor and breathing foundations for newly postpartum moms. This section is best for weeks 0-6 or as soon as you feel ready to start your postpartum exercise.

The 4TM section in the MYB app is a great introduction to our Full Postpartum Recovery Program, The Ab Rehab that lives in our sister brand, The Birth Recovery Center. Many of our Move Your Bump members graduate into the Birth Recovery Center to access the Ab rehab and all that it has to offer. There you will receive customizations, c-section protocols, coaching, community, challenge access, assessments and access to our postnatal experts, doctors a Physical therapy, and Pelvic floor PTs. With the Birth Recovery Center app you’ll also get access to all of our other courses and experts, including lactation, maternal mental health, sleep training and more. Grab your first week for free here! -

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Getting Started (4TM)
  • Birth Recovery Center Membership Explainer

    What's included? -

    In a word - everything!

    Membership to the Birth Recovery Center includes on demand every course and every coach in the following fields:

    Ab Rehab
    Sleep Training
    Mental Health
    Labor & Delivery

    Affordable - access to every cou...

  • 4TM Plug n Play Schedule

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    Use this template to build your weekly workouts during your 4th trimester! Choice one workout from the genre listed for the day on the schedule!