Day 7

Day 7

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Day 7
  • Labor Prep 4 Breath Work & Pelvic Floor Release

    HI Mama! This is your Labor Prep Breath Work and Pelvic Floor release video with coach Jesse!
    These are exercises that you can choose from to use 2-4 times per week as you prep for your labor. These are also great for anyone with a hypertonic pelvic floor and needs more relaxation and tension re...

  • Follow Along Breath Work #1 Seated

    This is your follow along, seated, prenatal breath workout with Coach Jesse!

  • Foam Roll Routine 2

    Enjoy this all trimester safe foam rolling routine with Coach Larissa! This 14 min program is for all levels. We're going to release tension and tightness in your muscles by applying pressure with your foam roller!

    You will need the follow equipment:
    - mat
    - foam roller
    - small ball

  • Prenatal Yoga (Beginner)

    This Beginner All Trimester Prenatal Yoga Flow is 33 minutes. You will need the following equipment;

    - Resistance Band
    - Exercise Mat

    Enjoy your workout!