Day 5

Day 5

2 Seasons

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Day 5
  • Bump Camp Workout 7

    Episode 1

    This All Trimester Bumpcamp Workout is 33 minutes. You will neeed the following equipment;

    - 2 Medium/Light Dumbbells
    - Exercise Bench
    - Resistance Band

    Enjoy your workout!

  • Outdoor Walk/Run Labor Training Cardio 4

    Episode 2

    This Outdoor Run/Walk is 28 minutes. Enjoy your run/walk!

  • Treadmill Labor Training Cardio Workout 1

    Episode 3

    This Labor Training Treadmill Cardio Workout is 29 minutes.Please modify your speeds/effort as much as needed in this workout.

    As always in pregnancy you don't want to be going 100% of max effort. Moderately to moderately intense levels is perfect. If you are seasoned some vigorous training is...