Day 4

Day 4

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Day 4
  • Follow Along Breath Work #2 Yoga Ball

    This is your follow along prenatal breath work series with Coach Jesse!
    You will need a yoga ball! You can also do this series on a chair or any seated position!

    Skip to minute 2, to pass the explainer!

    Use this series to connect to your pelvic floor and deep core during your pregnancy. Safe...

  • Sciatica Pain Management Routine

    All Trimester Safe Sciatica Pain Management Routine with Jesse

  • Glutes, Abs & Labor Training Cardio Workout

    This All Trimester Pregnancy Glutes, Abs and Cardio Workout is 26 min and requires the following equipment:

    - Medium Dumbbells
    - Mat

    Have a great workout!

  • Labor Prep #3 C-section Focus

    This is a 16 min labor prep flow with Coach Jesse. This is geared towards mamas that know they are having planned c-section. This is also great for vaginal labor prep as well.
    You will need 2 yoga blocks! Have fun!