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Day 4

Day 4

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Day 4
  • Follow Along Breath Work #1 Seated

    This is your follow along, seated, prenatal breath workout with Coach Jesse!

  • All Trimester - Prenatal Yoga 01

    Enjoy this All Trimester safe prenatal yoga flow workout with Coach Larissa! This 33 minute program is for beginners We’re going to utilize body weight movements to build your core stability and strength!

    You will need the following equipment:
    - Resistance Band
    - Mat

  • All Trimester - Labor Prep Workout 4

    Enjoy this All Trimester Safe Labor Prep Workout with Coach Jesse. This 10 minute video is for all levels. This is your Labor Prep Breath Work and Pelvic Floor release video with coach Jesse! These are exercises that you can choose from to use 2-4 times per week as you prep for your labor. These ...

  • All Trimester - Posture Troubleshooting Express 2

    Enjoy all trimester safe Posture Troubleshooting Express workout with coach Jesse! This 15 minute workout is for all levels. We are targeting the most common poor posture habits we see during pregnancy.

    You will need the following equipment:
    -9in Pilates ball
    -Loop Band
    -Long resistance band