Day 14

Day 14

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Day 14
  • Labor Prep 4 Breath Work & Pelvic Floor Release

    HI Mama! This is your Labor Prep Breath Work and Pelvic Floor release video with coach Jesse!
    These are exercises that you can choose from to use 2-4 times per week as you prep for your labor. These are also great for anyone with a hypertonic pelvic floor and needs more relaxation and tension re...

  • Total Body Mat Pilates Workout 1

    This Total Body Mat Pilates Workout is 22 min. You'll need the following exercise equipment;


    Have a great workout!

  • Stretch Routine 1

    Enjoy this all trimester stretch routine with Coach Amy! This 8 min program is for all levels. We're are going to move through a seated flow of stretches to lengthen and relieve tension in your body!

    You will need the following equipment:
    - mat or comfortable place to sit

  • Core Express 7

    Hi Mamas! This is your Core Express Advanced Workout with Coach Jesse

    You will need
    An open space
    Bench or chair
    Single dumbbell
    Resistance band
    And optional balloon

    Have Fun!