Day 14

Day 14

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Day 14
  • Labor Prep 2

    This Labor Prep Video is 18 minutes with Coach Jesse. You will need the following equipment;

    - Stack of Pillows
    - Yoga Block

    Enjoy your workout!

  • Pilates Workout 1

    This All Trimester Pregnancy Workout is 26 min. You'll need a mat! Enjoy your workout!

  • Follow Along Breath Work #2 Yoga Ball

    This is your follow along prenatal breath work series with Coach Jesse!
    You will need a yoga ball! You can also do this series on a chair or any seated position!

    Skip to minute 2, to pass the explainer!

    Use this series to connect to your pelvic floor and deep core during your pregnancy. Safe...

  • Posture Express Workout 4 (1TM)

    This Pregnancy Posture Workout is 18 minutes and for 1st trimester only. You will need the following equipment;

    -36" Foam Roller
    - Pilates Ball
    - Light Dumbbells
    - Mat

    Enjoy your workout!