Day 11

Day 11

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Day 11
  • Total Body Strength 13

    This is your All trimester strength workout with coach Lexi

    You will need the following
    A Mat
    Medium set of dumbbells!

    Have fun!

  • Cool Down 4

    This is your all trimester cool down flow with coach Larissa!
    You will need a Wall, mat and chair!

  • Sciatica Pain Management Routine

    All Trimester Safe Sciatica Pain Management Routine with Jesse

  • Pelvic Pressure Relief 1

    Hi Mamas! This is your all trimester pelvic floor pressure relief flow with Coach Jesse!
    You will need a stability ball or chair and rolled up towel if you don't have a chair!

    You can follow along with this flow or choose the exercises you like the best for days your pelvic floor is feeling hea...