Day 10

Day 10

2 Seasons

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Day 10
  • Core Express Workout 3 (All Trimesters)

    Episode 1

    This All Trimester Ab Workout is 15 minutes and requires the following equipment:

    - Stretch Band
    - Mat

    - Standing Band Pulls x 90 sec
    - Bird Dog Press x 2 Min (hand to inside knee)
    - Floor Squat to Press and Pull x 2 min
    - Bear Plank Hold to Leg Lift x 2 min

    Have a great workout!

  • Kickboxing Labor Training Cardio Workout 3

    Episode 2

    This Cardio Kickboxing Workout is 36 minutes using the following equipment:

    -Hip Circle

    Have a great workout!

  • Treadmill Labor Training Cardio Workout 3 (Coach Lindsay)

    Episode 3

    This All Trimester Treadmill Walk/Run with Coach Lindsay is 29 minutes. Have a great workout!