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Day 1

Day 1

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Day 1
  • All Trimester - Bumpcamp Workout 3

    Episode 1

    Enjoy this All Trimester safe bumpcamp Workout with Coach Nancy! This 33 minute workout is for all fitness levels. We are focusing on Cardio Intervals where you can either walk or run outside, do body weight floor cardio in place, or use any cardio equipment you have available.

    You will need th...

  • All Trimester - Choreographed Strength Workout 6

    Episode 2

    Enjoy this all trimester safe lower body strength with Coach Nancy! This 30 minute program is advanced. Remember to modify as needed & take rests when you need too! Every day of pregnancy can feel different so its important to meet yourself exactly where you are today! Let's do this!

    You will n...

  • All Trimester - Posture Express Workout 2

    Episode 3

    This Posture Workout is 16 minutes and requires the following equipment:

    -Light Dumbbells (5 lbs)
    -Medium Dumbells (8-10)
    -Heavy Dumbbells (12 + lbs)

    Have a great workout!