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Beginner Bumps Day 6

Beginner Bumps Day 6

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Beginner Bumps Day 6
  • All Trimester - Core Express Workout 6

    Enjoy this All Trimester safe Core Express Workout with Coach Jesse! This 16 minutes program is for all levels. We are working on targeting deep TVAs and deep core muscles to support pelvic floor and lower back. Remember - Quality over Quantity! Let's sweat!

    You will need the following equipme...

  • All Trimester - Posture Troubleshooting Express Workout 1

    Enjoy this All Trimester safe Posture Troubleshooting workout with Coach Jesse! This 15 minute program is for all fitness levels. We are focusing the biggest core posture habits! We will be loosening and lengthening the muscles!

    You can follow along with this workout or pick exercises that you l...