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Beginner Bumps Day 3

Beginner Bumps Day 3

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Beginner Bumps Day 3
  • All Trimester - Core Express Workout 4

    Enjoy this All Trimester safe Core workout with Coach Jesse! This 17 minute program is for all levels. We will be moving thru various core workouts to strengthen, engage, connect, and optimize your core!

    You will need the following equipment:
    - Loop Resistance Band
    - Yoga Ball
    - Exercise Mat

  • All Trimester - Labor Prep Workout 2

    Enjoy this All Trimester Safe Labor Prep workout with Coach Jesse. This 18 minute video is for all levels! You are more than welcome to repeat this video! We are trying to focus on the pelvis opening and have the pelvic floor relax.

    You will need the following equipment:
    - Stack of Pillows
    - Yo...