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Welcome to BEFORE Your Bump

Welcome to BEFORE Your Bump

How Exciting!! Even if you aren't pregnant yet, your actions now can and will impact the health of your future baby. This is why we approach conception as a life event to prepare for. In this stage, we go in-depth on a range of topics to help you become pregnant, create an optimal environment for fetal development, minimize the risk of prenatal and postnatal complications, and set yourself (and your baby) up for success through optimal nutrition and fitness.

This is the first 28 days(weeks 1-4) of your TTC journey with us! You can scroll down on the main page of the app to find the rest of TTC fitness schedule weeks 5-12!

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Welcome to BEFORE Your Bump
  • TTC - Welcome Video

    Enjoy this TTC / BYB Welcome Video with Coach Jesse!

  • TTC - Interview with Tara Brandner DNP, FNP-C, Fertility Coach

    Please enjoy this interview with fertility specialist Tara Brandner as we review education and current research around fertility as well as touch on FAQs from our community! This interview and information included is for educational and informational purposes only and solely as a self-help tool ...