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Pregnancy Core Connection (The Basics)

Pregnancy Core Connection (The Basics)

Use this section as your educational library to learn our foundations! From here, you can move into the Prehab section to start utilizing our protocols in core & pelvic floor specific workouts, as well as the rest of the workouts on our app and most importantly, in YOUR daily life! This is how we set you up for you a more comfortable pregnancy with reduced aches & pains, a smoother delivery and Faster Postpartum Recovery!

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What we know about Diastasis during Pregnancy.

Science tells us that diastasis has to happen to make room for your growing baby. Diastasis has become this hot word in the fitness and postpartum community that comes with illogical lists of DR “safe” moves to prevent diastasis and “unsafe” moves that cause diastasis. And here at Move Your Bump, we know that neither are true. Every mama and pregnancy is different and the way a woman executes daily movements and exercises along with her ability to control intra-abdominal pressure is going to be how we determine if an exercise is safe or unsafe for her.

Studies show us that 100% of women at term pregnancy and time of delivery have some degree of Diastasis. And this makes sense to us because your growing bump needs the room! This is not a reason to fear exercise or movement. This is a reason to build body awareness and set yourself up for a comfortable, functional pregnancy and faster recovery. Because with Move Your Bump and our team of experts, you will have the rights tools, support and knowledge to do so.

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Pregnancy Core Connection (The Basics)